Promotion skeletons

I don't want to use my blog to promote photos only without useful information, but simetimes it will happen. :)

DT just approved my photos from Hungarian Natural History Museum. Unfortunately the Dinosaurus exhibition is ended, new attraction is "The world of predators" with interactive shows and interesting details about crocs, mammals and marine's life. If I'll have time to go and see it, I'll load up some more photos. :)

Photo credits: Aginger.

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Thank you!
Yapp, it's happened usually that photographing is tell the truth, I did not asked if it's allowed or not when I bought the ticket, but I met two guards in exhibition and I had a cam with a tripod, and no one stopped me :) (I'm not so scary, they could dare if they wanted to :))


Wow, those are beautiful! So there weren't restrictions on taking photos in the museum? Sometimes historical sites (I learned the hard way :) ) I know have restrictions on using flash or taking photos at all.


There great,


Thank you! I know, these are not usual stock photos, but let's give a chance... :D


Nice Shots! Good luck :)

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