Property release

Hi people

Do I need a property release signed by the owner of a car so that i can sell the pictures here?

I tought so but when i downloaded the form on dreamstime i got confused because it said:

" I ..................... the rightful owner (...) of the property located at........................."


Can anyone Help?

The photos I took from the car are similar to this one

© Kurhan

Photo credits: Kurhan.

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February 06, 2012


This is an image I capture at a street when this truck was passing by. Old truck 

February 05, 2012


Car example from my portfolio - no identifying marks - no pr need. [imgl]21619630[/imgl]

February 04, 2012


In the line that says "property located at.." just write in what it is, In this case a car. I did this for a number of antique family photographs I have on line, I wrote in "photograph" as instructed by Dreamstime.
Of course, removing any car logos and license plate numbers is the other option.

February 04, 2012


thank you Davidwatmough

February 04, 2012


You simply remove the registration number in Photoshop and the logo which defines the make [ eg VW Audi symbols ] but if there is an identifiable driver or passenger you can only submit as an editorial image unless you have model releases from driver and passenger [ unlikely ] .
One way around this is to use panning ......moving the camera almost in synch with the car but enough out of synch to blur the background and driver. My portfolio has some recent pan shots if I am unclear. David.

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