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On May 12 I complete one year that I am enrolled to dreamstime and with the time beginning to understand better as to do for getting greater visibility. Looking on the site I have seen that in some illustrations with people or objects of pure invention PROPERTY RELEASED is written there. Help me... in that case and how is it had to add? Thanks and write me...

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July 21, 2010


I really like your pictures, I think they are great works! :)

April 20, 2010


Not an expert or anyone with legal training on this, ...
but I will try to answer the question.
Without seeing the specific images, it's hard to comment on it. Some designs eg. tattoos, etc.. require property release. Or perharps a photograph taken by another creator is used , which requires the written permission of the photographer. I think such a usage is known as derivative work, which is why someone cannot simply take a photograph or a screen capture of a movie,etc.. and using photoshop , convert it into an illustration, 3d image, vector,whatnot... and call it their creation. It entails copyright infringement and thus requires a PR .
Also, as far as I know, someone caught doing this "derivative" will get their portfolio deleted and if I am not mistaken even charged a fine.
But whatever, most reputable stock agencies do not tolerate this lightly.

It's a very broad subject. My best suggestion is to write the creator to ask them, or consult support. They would be the most qualified...

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