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Oh well, not really. :-)

This blog is simply to illustrate what I blogged earlier on Better Colour via Black and White.

In this instance the Black and White was created using Calculations, namely using the Green and Blue channels, in that order, and blending them using the Multiply Mode.

And a copy of the resulting Alpha Channel is pasted as a new layer above the image with a Luminosity blending mode, with some adjustments to Opacity.

Now this particular Calculation and Blending mode seems to work best with brown coloured subjects like this wood carving and rocks.

It seems to give an effect similar to the Dragan effect, but not exactly, and I do not know how to do the latter.

Of course the usual downside is the noise, particularly from the Blue Channel; and again Noise Reduction software does a good job at controlling it, even to pass Dreamstime's strict inspection standards. :-).

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Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.