Protect Environment, Protect Our Earth

It’s quite cold outside. From the window I can see deep snow still covers the ground, trees and building roofs. People on the streets with thick clothes hurry their steps. The snow this winter was reported the heaviest during past 30 years and it’s said it’s a global phenomenon & more or less related with recent years climate change.

Actually, with society developing & population increasing quickly, more & more pollution exit, like Greenhouse, Automobile exhaust, Chemical waste gas… when people enjoy the convenience of the modern society, they usually ignore the side effect brought to the environment quietly. Each time when seeing via TV program several animals about to extinct due to the pollution, I feel quite depressed. Also knowing some places frequently suffer from serious disaster like flood or drought. It seems the nature is warning us to take measures to protect our earth.

Now it’s already raised as an international project to protect the environment but still it needs our all effort to do some things, such as reduce using vehicles, save energy and reduce air condition/heat if possible. All these things are quite tiny but believe can make a big difference if more & more people would like to join. Yes! We should do something just for the beautiful scenery of our earth.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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January 08, 2010


I'm doing my bit with saving power and riding my bike where possible. I'm sure every little bit helps. Don't think that what you do is too little to make a difference, if we all do what we can it will make a big difference :)

January 08, 2010


Very nice nature photos. Hope we can protect nature before it's too late.

January 08, 2010


Great shots! I agree we have to conserve the beauty we have! Good Luck ;)

January 08, 2010


I loce Earth and I love nature, I can´t imagine to live in a world where nature would be destroyed. I try to help as I can and I really hope that more and more people will start to understand that it is time to protect our planet. Beautiful images!

January 08, 2010


useful article,great images:)

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