Protecting images on your website by code.

As I mentioned in my previous blog that you have to make some editing on your downloaded images (and even the created ones) in order to prevent from illegal copy.

Here I'm going to mention some tricks with the code, that could keep away a curious amateur who is trying to copy your photos...

1- To disable the image tool bar on your internet browser you can use this meta tag in the head part of your HTML...

2- To disable the right click on a whole page with no message, add this to the body tag on your HTML...

(space)oncontextmenu="return false"

3- To disable the right click on a whole page with message alert, put this script in the head of your HTML...

4- To prevent from image drag in a new window or any direct right click to save, put the image as a background of a tag and put a transparent GIF pixel as a front image (of course dimensioned the same as your image on the background).

5- Use PHP embed images... Various ways of making code.

6- Use Adobe flash to browse images so they won't be copied with any kind of right click or page source...

7- This is the strongest one! Use an encrypting program that can encrypt all your code and with options like disable printing and Print Screen button.

(I had a demo from a computer magazine called HTML Guardian and it really works! White sheet of paper came out when I sent the page to print...)

* Attention that the first 6 are breakable!

I just mentioned them to prevent from any amateur as I said before :)

The 7th I still didn't find a way to break it :))

If you know any other way to prevent images by code, please post it here...

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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August 30, 2009


Yes indeed that program I was telling about deactivate some functions on the keyboard like Print Screen and page printing or saving offline!
The only disadvantage is that the pages will stay encrypted like unsafe pages, AND IT'S NOT COMMERCIAL :(

August 30, 2009


good ideas Mani. a deterrent at most, but like another peer said, they will still find a way around it.
another thing, would not all these be futile with Print Screen?
i know it's not the original but amateurs who will not be picky about imae resolution. unless you have also one to prevent Prt Scr.

August 24, 2009


Thanks people, hope this was useful for you ;)

August 24, 2009


Cool, thanks for sharing

August 23, 2009


Good information thank you. Peter

August 22, 2009


Great information - keep posting

August 22, 2009


Till now I only knew how to disable the right click on a whole page. Thanks for the new tips!

August 22, 2009


il check these out and add them to my blog and see what happends

August 22, 2009


Wow! How interesting! If I will ever make my own site I'll give it a try.

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