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I'd like to promote my own beautiful province, Friesland (in the North of the Netherlands), here on dreamstime because it is a very nice area with a lot of historic buildings. This time: The 'kop-hals-romp' (head-neck-body) farm!

* A "Head-Neck-Body farmhouse" (Dutch:kop-hals-rompboerderij) is a typical frisian farmhouse. It consists of a residence (the head), the kitchen (the neck) that have been placed in front of a big shed (Body). A striking fact is that the residence was never build in the centrefront of the shed--this has to do with the origin of this type of farmhouses, as a smaller vanished type of farmhouse. This original old-frisian longhouse existed out of a residence with straight behind it a cattle stable. The harvest was stacked on the attic or in high open barns which were logically located near the stable.

Due to the development of better harvesting materials in the beginning of the 16th century there was a necessary of more storage for the harvest. This was solved by building a bigger shed behind the residence and neck-part of the original farmhouse.

These farmhouses can be found in Friesland, Groningen and (in the northern part of) North Holland.

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Photo credits: Gerrit Jan (gj).

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Thank you very much for your reply!


I love seeing architecture and knowing about the different lifestyles of our heritages. Thanks for sharing.


Interesting architecture and captured at the great time, sun seems to be very low, nice shadows. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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