Recently a local newspaper of Ventura County held a photo competition with the idea of creating a coffee table book entitled “Capture Ventura County”. The book would highlight landscapes, daily life, newsworthy events, sports and recreation, people, pets and nature as captured by local photographers.

Nearly 10,000 entries were received from 549 photographers, and only 250 images would be selected for publication.

The release party was Friday November 21. I did not receive any of the prizes but I am beaming all the same, 3 of my photos were chosen for publication in the book. I feel like I won everything!

Best of all, once again my favorite little model the jumping spider is a star. This photo received a full page in the book!

My very best wishes to all for a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!



Photo credits: Marilyn Gould.

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February 09, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS, you deserve it!
You have a very beautiful portfolio and your close-up tecnique is excellent, consistent with your stunning photos.
Wish your best and many other satisfactions!


January 24, 2009


Congratulations! The jumping spider is indeed a lovely model! I have seen one only once in my life!

November 28, 2008


Marilyn, I just read this and thought I'd tell you that I have donated, not photos, but poetry, along with many other artists in my area. It was a book to raise money for an art center that promotes our work. Some was photography, all kinds of art work , stories and poems. I wrote because there were more artists than writers at the time. I figured that our book would benefit the place that gives exposure to the artists and could bring lookers and buyers into the area. Don't think I'd do the same for a regular publication, but to help my area, why not once-in-a-while? Maybe the donations can be written off as a tax deduction??? Thanks for responding to my blog!

November 25, 2008


Congratulations, Marilyn. The honor is well deserved!

November 25, 2008


Thanks everyone! In addition, while attending the book reveal party I had the opportunity to tell tons of photographers and designers about Dreamstime. :)

November 24, 2008


Yeah girl, you won everything, prize is not the ultimate achievement, it got selected and it got published with your name, that's the great thing

November 24, 2008


Dear Dcb - Thank you for this information, a great lesson and truly worth keeping in mind. You have not spoiled or diminished my happiness -- you have shared information that will help me consider choices more wisely. Cheers! Marilyn

November 24, 2008


I don't want to spoil your happiness, but here is something worth considering. I don't know if I'd be able to do it myself, but still something worth considering: (full story here)
"I work hard to make beautiful images and have just never gotten in the habit of giving them away. My proposition is simple market economics: If something has value, people should pay for it. If it has NO value to them, they are free to ignore it. What DOESN'T work is people deciding they really value what I have to offer and then declining to pay for it..."

November 24, 2008


Congrats!! Great shots!

November 24, 2008


Thank you all so much! It is so wonderful to share with those that understand that taking the "prize" home in your heart means everything! Seeing one's work in print -- the spider with the full-page spread -- is overwhelming and humbling all in the same breath!

November 24, 2008


It's wonderful to see the photos going to the world :) It's not the prize that matters)

November 24, 2008



November 24, 2008


Congrats! They are all fantastic photos and I have to say I like the spider best :)

November 24, 2008


Congratulations! I love achievements like that! I have similar as you - didn't win prizes but the feeling is amazing! Well done, you deserve it!

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