Punta Della Dogana, Venice: The Quiet Brother of the Proud Piazza San Marco

As you can see in my previous article, ( https://www.dreamstime.com/blog/cap-blanc-nez-hidden-gem-found-near-calais-right-northernmost-tip-france-54438), I like secret places and travelling around in a unique fashion. Now, I will tell the dreamstime community another story about my adventure in Venice during my Erasmus term abroad.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute on Punta della Dogana in Venice, Italy

Image looks better when viewed full as you can see that the location is close to Piazza San Marco.

A Trip With A New Friend

Venice is not the same without travel companions; be it a stranger from the hostel you just stayed in or a long time friend from childhood -- time with those people are irreplaceable. I had one such experience with a new person I met along the small roads of Venice -- Mr. Gijs Dreesman, a retired lawyer from Amsterdam. He was fixing a door latch in his new "retirement" apartment and needed a hand with the ruler; I quickly helped him measure his door latch and we proceeded to chat. Mr. Dreesman, in his early 60s at the time, was an energetic man; he loved his family and enjoyed going to Venice every so often. The kind Dutch man even offered to have dinner with me the night we just met.

At first I was very scared; this fear stems my first hand experience living in a country where kidnapping and killings were common figures in news reports daily. (Philippines) To verify his identity, I ran a quick google search and found nothing wrong with the man. My gut instinct about this guy was definitely proven WRONG. Mr. Dreesman, even toured me around Venice and we even went inside his house!! We went to the famous Guggenheim Musuem where he explained to me his passion for the arts and language; I was shocked to know that he was writing a book even at his old age!

To make the long story short, I accepted his offer and we went out to dinner in his friend's apartment somewhere near Via Giuseppe Garibaldi -- a historical landmark known to the people of Venice as the canal that Napoleon Bonaparte filled to show the might and will of the Imperial French Army. What shocked me was his kindness after the meal as well, the man gave me tickets for a ferry back to Piazza San Marco! Time spent with Mr. Gijs Dreesman was wonderful, I hope to see him again someday. At this moment, I just send messages to him once in awhile, this, I believe is the benefit of technology (whatsapp / gmail).

When my old friends arrived two days after, we soon went to all the "normal" tourist attractions around Venice. After a few hours we got bored of all the same tourist destinations with SO MUCH PEOPLE. I pulled up a my handy offline map (Nokia "Here" Maps) and a beautiful "undiscovered" area of town; the feature of the offline map really helped me because the user can see buildings outlines of popular areas so a photographer can really visualize the setting -- without using any mobile data. Glad to have visited Punta Della Dogana; it was an interesting find in such a busy tourist town.

Punta Della Dogana, Venice: The Great Alternative to Piazza San Marco (Veneto, Venice, Italy)

Image looks better when viewed full as you can see the tower at its full length.

How to Get There?

I attached the link below for the exact location of the place:


Walking is the only mode of transport within Venice unless you will pay for their Gondola Taxi service which is severely OVERPRICED.

Walking Map from Piazza San Marco (23 Minutes)


Gondola Taxi Service Map Piazza San Marco (11 Minutes)


Offline Maps (Nokia "Here" Maps)





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Photo credits: Donyanedomam, Dean Eldrick Tan.

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Great story that I enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work.

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Another great travel blog and beautiful photos! William 

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