Purple fringing

Since many lenses can not focus all colours to same convergence point, Chromatic Aberration becomes a major problem for many photographers.

If you are shooting in RAW mode , you have the chance to get rid of this fringing in your raw editor. However in some cases when you forget or dont like to make too many chances in raw editor , you still have another simple way to clean these dummy lines in different colors with the help of Photoshop.

1 - Open your image with fringing

2 - Copy background layer ( Ctrl + J for PC )

3 - Choose Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur

4 - Set it to 15

5 - Choose "color" blending mode for your copy layer.

It is so easy !

Now examine your image and you will see that all fringing has gone. You can turn off the second copy layer and see the difference between two layers.

Finaly press Ctrl + E to flatten your image and save it as jpeg.

Thanks for reading.

Serdar Tibet

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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Thanks for the useful tip.


Thank you very much. Hope it works well for you


what a terrific tip! i almost cant wait to see some of those annoying purple fringes so i can try this out :P




Nice! Very useful - I would add that you need to be careful of losing colour/detail in areas you don't have CA, a simple layer mask can sort that out.


Very very useful..thanks!


I'm having this problem with my last camera and I thought it is an unfixable problem. Thanks to your explanation I now have a chance to upload some photos. It is very kind of you sharing this easy jet wonderful tecnique!! :)


Great article!


Great ill try this tip thanks


Thanks for the tip my friend! :)


Good advices, thanks. Lens profile do this as well, also.


Your welcome , I am happy to share it with you


Thanks, Davulcu, I've got it now. :)


In the top of layers screen ... In a combo box


I can't find the color blending mode. Do they have it in Photoshop Elements? 'Cause that's what I have.


thanks for the tip


Very useful trick. I used to hand paint edges in color mode what a chore. This should be chiseled into the side of a mountain for everyone to see.


OMG, this trick is AMAZING! Probably the biggest reason of all that my entire port is so tiny is because I waste hours and hours of time doing crazy cloning procedures trying to eliminate fringe before I can upload. One day, I'll be able to upgrade my equipment, but until then, this will be a best friend. I just tried it out on an old rejected photo and it ROCKED! Thanks a million, and cheers to you!


This is really useful.Thank you! :)


Thanks for sharing. I'll give it a try the next time I forget to address the issue in RAW.


Most of the CA disapears with the RAW tool in Photoshop I have, but not always. In that cases I could give it a try. Thanks a lot.


Thanks Lowthian


I reported this spammer to support as well. This comment was posted on all the blog entries I've read this morning.


I reported the user to the admins. It's a spammer, all his/her comments are identical. Ignore and do not click on the links.


Who is this ?


That is informative and will try it out.


No , since we change the blending mode of the layer to color , it does not make the whole thing blurred


Won't it make the whole image blurred? I'll try it! Thanks, Serdar!


Thanks for sharing... Great blog.

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