Queenstown Hill, New Zealand: A Wonderful Treck for the Adventurous Photographer

Family Adventure

Initially, our Christmas vacation was just supposed to be sightseeing on touristy places with the whole clan; however, one faithful Christmas Day (December 25) led to all areas in Queenstown being closed until the early evening. As there are not much things to do on a holiday here, we came across a website depicting awesome views of a hill nearby so we took the opportunity to climb it.

The Queenstown Hill was a 4.2 km hike and could be done in a short 3 hours (Round Trip); one of our biggest blunders was not bringing ENOUGH WATER as we thought the hike was easy. For those planning to hike the hill, please be warned that there are steep areas around 45 degrees so energy levels must be kept high at the initial phases of the hike.

Shot Choice

I brought my handy Nikon D90 camera with to the climb expecting a great view on top and I was impressed by the sight I saw. People in the dreamstime community might say that my camera may be old and the megapixel count might be toolow for shooting clear, sharp images. I had a solution to increase the overall resolution of the photo I made -- taking a panorama shot similar to our cellphone devices.

I line up my camera in portrait mode and shoot across the horizon line all the way to the other side (desired endpoint). After this, I stitched the photos in a software called lightroom. The function I use is called "photo-merge."It is activated by selecting all the my portrait shots (related to the site) in the software and right-clicking to choose the photo-merge option; after, around 2 minutes, viola! The photo is stitched with a higher megapixel count.

The Pride of Queenstown! Three Peaks in Queenstown Trail

How to Get There:

Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/SBrLmxtBkw4hfscj6

By Car, from Queenstown, set your GPS to "Queenstown Hill Walking Track" it is along Belfast Terrace Street.

Hike Map:


For similar hiking advice and locations, I also have one for Northern France, Link Below:



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Photo credits: Dean Eldrick Tan.

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July 31, 2019


I particularly liked the cruise to the other side of the Lake on a steam boat. It was quite relaxing and refreshing.What part of Queenstown have you liked?

July 31, 2019


Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have been three times, and won't hesitate to go back again.

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