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How many image (estimated or average) views did your first images receive before they sold for the first time?

Photo credits: Tracey King.

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June 07, 2014


i have 42 views before any sales

January 15, 2014


Thank you everyone, you have all been very helpful. I think I'm learning how to do this. My overall acceptance rate is now 57.6% and my ratio for this month is 83.3%. 8D

January 09, 2014


Thank you for all of your replies. I was assuming that the more views an image had the more likely it would be sold. From what some of you have said it seems like it may actually be the opposite in some circumstances. I will try to wait patiently to find out if that pattern will be true with my images as well. I have worked pretty hard on my keywords so I hope that will help. :)

January 09, 2014


I guess its all about if your image happened to to show up at the same time or place when somebody are looking for the subject - good searchwords and/or unique/very good shot...
The extremely low pricelevels also make it possible for hundreds of thousend byers to download your image just to be used as personal screenimage or as a print on the fridge back home...
Also, the the microstock pricelevels allows publishers to fill a book with images at the cost of a conventional coverphoto...

January 09, 2014


Hi, I had my first sale after only one month of joining even though the views on the image were very low. My highly viewed images have no sales. Just be patient and your sales will come :) Guess it's down to your image appealing to the right person at the right time. I'm not reading anything into these figures.

January 08, 2014


   Aruba Sunset   I had one that sold with no views almost as soon as it was accepted. I also have some with over a thousand and no sales. Looking through the better views seem to have more sales, my best sale, $29, still only has 113 views.

January 08, 2014


I've noticed that over 400 visits is easier to sell an image, but there are some exceptions! I also sold images with less than 100 visits in few days after publications!

January 08, 2014


my best selling was 5 dollar with a photo with 30 views ofther 5 days after the publication;
other image is 0,42 $ with more 450 viwes

January 08, 2014


Some of my photos have plenty of views but very little or NO sales, at the other hand I have photos with relatively few views and quite good sales. Might be that there is a statistical relationship between views and sales but in this case it is only a very loose relationship.

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