A Question About Licenses...

I just joined Dreamstime (literally, just today) and I was uploading images and then I came to the bottom section where you have to pick which licenses to give to the image. I read through what the licenses mean, but honestly, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Is it bad to check all the license boxes? Should you just check the royalty free one at the top? I guess, I understand what each license does, I'm just not sure which ones are the best ones to check. What do you guys do?

Photo credits: Hemantraval.

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Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it!


Check them all.


I agree with Brad, any time you make yourself a chance to sell at a higher price you'll increase the odds of making more money.


I check them all. You can always leave them unchecked and change them later if approved. I think if you sell your images anywhere else you need to carefully consider the implications of each license, otherwise they are ways to potentially increase revenue... For instance, if you sell the right you will have to remove it from any other place you have it for sale within a few days.

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