A question for the Masses: Camera Glass v MP?

Ok so ive been basically appraising my gear recently. Ive been looking at all the things i 'need' to get for me to be happy. Basically ive been wanting to get the Canon 400D.

But then i wondered. what can a 400d do that my 300cant? Photoshop can interpolate really well, to a 10.1 MP image with too much dramas involved...

So i put it forward to you. If you had a 300D (6.3MP) camera with original 2 lenses, would you:

A) Replace the glass (nothing crazy expensive but good quality)

B) Upgrade the camera body to a 400D (6.3MP to 10.1MP)

C) Upgrade the camera body to the 400D with lens kit

I realize that there are probably a fair few different opinions in the matter.

What i really am trying to work out is what will be a better investment of money in regards to image quality.

*NOTE - This is assuming i have some form of skill with a camera and can take advantage of the pro's of each option... This had yet to be proven though =)

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I look forward to your opinions and replies and value any input given.

Thanks again for reading.

Photo credits: Kirill Zdorov, Dawn Hudson.

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September 20, 2007


I second Achilles, good glass is the base. The only advantage in buying a 10MP camera is that you will have one more option selling your photos: maximum size. Apart from that I'd wait for 20d. (In my case k10d or (upcoming) higher one).

September 20, 2007


You already have a good camera, so why not just hold onto it for a while? Most of Canon's lenses are interchangable, so get a few more lenses for now! That is what I did as I made the transition from film to digital (not quite the same situation, but similar).

September 20, 2007


If it's top glass, then definitely choose that one. Buy the best glass you can afford. You will upgrade your camera anyway, but a good glass will stay with you for the years to come. You don't gain that much from a 400D. Wait until you afford a 20d or why not, a 5D and get the glass now. If you don't have the budget for the best glass, wait more. It definitely worths it!

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