Questions for administrators of Dreamstime: a suggestion.

It would be good in my view, especially for those relatively new to Dreamstime if there was a box on the management site where we could ask questions and get quick replies. I did a property release for instance on my own workshop but keep being asked for one as if the adjudicator / administrators cannot see it. I still don't understand all the terminology , for instance, what happens if a buyer purchases an image outright. In that case what proportion of the purchase price do we receive ?

Who owns Dreamstime is another question that occurs to me.

Does anybody else agree with me about this suggestion for a question box ? Are management reading these postings and what do they think about it ?

I love trying to meet the challenge of concept photography though don't know anything about graphic type illustrations. I attach my image entitle ' Spending money like water. David.

Spending money like water.

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If buyers or anyone else wishes to contact me please leave a comment or message on one of my images.

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October 05, 2009

Hi David. As community fellows mentioned, such suggestions would go better in the Suggestions and policies thread. Besides, the questions are already answered or can be answered by writing a message to support.
We do read suggestions and we try to answer them. We take into consideration all possibilities and see if the suggestion is possible or doable.


October 03, 2009

Red you are extraordinary in having fewer uploads [ less than me as far as I can see ] but far more sales. Your advice is greatly appreciated. David.


October 03, 2009

That's me put in my place ! Squashed ! David.


October 03, 2009

Yeah as Red said, everything is well documented here in DT, and there are thousands of users who will answer your questions even before the admin will answer it for you. Just search the blog section and forum section before you post your question, As per my knowledge at least 80 percent of your question will be in one of the forum and blog. Remaining 20 for sure support will answer you if you send an email. And your final question who own DT, does this matter :-)))))


October 03, 2009

I think this should go in the "Suggestions and policies" section of the message board.