Questions to ask

1) People buy photos for what ?

2) Someone put my photo

in a collection , what is a collection ?

3) Why there are people putting their image as free image ?

4) Do you enter key words by your self or using keymaster ?

5) Which type of images is sell like hot cakes ?

6) Am I too stupid to ask all these questions ?

Thank you for all your help !!

Photo credits: Ting890.



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Thank you very much for these great answers !!


I will try to answer your questions:
1) People buy photos for various reasons. We do have some possible usages listed according to licenses offered on our site here
2) Users on our site create collections in which they add images from several contributors. Images must be on a common topic. You can see collections here
3) Some of our contributors donate images for the free section. generally, they donate images with no download for more than one year or images that do not qualify for the commercial section.
4) You can do your own keywording or you can use the keymaster program.
5) Check most popular and stats areas for info:
6) These are typical questions for any newcomer.
You can also ask on the forum as Littledesire mentioned.


Hi there! Do you already like it here?
It will take me a lot of time to answer all your questins ... I must be working now :)
So, go to message boards and read as much posts as you can! You'll find a lot of usefull info there!
You just can't imagine what a big fun is being here!

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