A Quick Word Of Warning

If you ever pour a glass of water on your laptop keyboard, don't try to dry it up with your hair-dryer!

You could end up with curly keys, which are cute to look, but hard to hit...

It's good that the replacement of keyboard is not too tricky...


Photo credits: Konstantin32, Solarseven.

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Good warning! I always eat my breakfast at the computer!


LOL nope, not a prop. Sorry, my English is a little bit rough. ;) Yes, my laptop is my one and only workstation right now. But we'll see, maybe after some more dls I'm considering getting a high-end desktop as well. ;) Thanks, Eti!


I was just hoping you weren't using your laptop as a prop! By the way do you work mainly off of a laptop? That is what I am doing right now. I used to have both but the desktop was starting to chug-a-lug so it just drove me crazy and I got rid of it. Considering getting another desktop... Anyways.. glad you saved your laptop! Eti


I guess 'spill' is the proper word in English. But I think I managed to act quite fast (switched my laptop off and turned it around), so when I opened it later, I saw that water hasn't manage to spread inside. If there's something I can tell you more, you know my mail address. :)


Did you pour it on your keyboard or spill it on your keyboard? Either has the same results for sure! We need to talk...


Yes, that's the result when you act before you think... ;) Water didn't manage to spread into inner parts, before I turned my laptop upside down, but I was too hasty in using dryer. ;) I'll think about photo session.


I am just amazed that the water did not kill the laptop...but the hairdryer left its mark. You should snap a picture of the keys...hahahaha


Funny! My new laptop has a spill-proof keyboard--but I dare not try if indeed it is!


Thanks, Carolyne. :) I'm just wondering, how hairs are made up from much durable material than keyboard keys? At least they don't melt while drying...


Thanks for the warning! I'm guilty of drinking by my computer too. Although I wouldn't be able to dry the keyboard with a hair dryer anyway, I have very short hair, so no need for a hair dryer lol. Have a great day :0)


Aww, Altaf, I hope you didn't mix acid and cleaner... it hurts when your working tools get broke... bear up!
:) Thanks, Mani!


Wow im not the only one in this list, first my desk monitor broke due to the over head shelf collapsed, yesterday I was cleaning my mac laptop and today I noticed there is some solution inside the screen, I don't know how that bloody lotion entered my screen, hope it dries faster.


Thank you for your warning!


Thanks Maigi! Wish you all healthy non thirsty machines! Cheers :))


Susan, yes, everything is okay now. I just finished replacing my keyboard, and it's perfect! Thanks for your support!
Mani, sorry to hear about your loss. UPS is a really great protection in some cases, but not always. Hope you will recover soon! Best wishes!


If I drop my precious glass of wine I would be sad on loosing the wine :P
Seriously now 2 days ago I had a tragedy with my PC! High current voltage that blowed up my motherboard, 1 memory & my sound blaster!!!
After the replacement on the motherboard I couldn't start my system & then installing all over again!!! Even so I couldn't buy a cheap UPS still!


At least you can make fun of it now :)) You sounded a bit depressed that evening!


i dont know how this has not happened to me already!!


I recently dumped a full cup of coffee on my keyboard, pulled the battery and plug and quickly removed the keyboard cover and drained. After drying a couple of days it has worked fine ever since (minus the right shift key)! I have a friend, though, whose child closed the laptop lid with a single penny on the keyboard area and it completely shattered the screen...


FIRST - switch off, wire off, batteries out as fast as you can...


Any techies out there with some advice. What should you do if you spill something on your keyboard? (Besides, yelling obscenities.) LOL


Well done, Marilyn! ;)


;) yes, it was... but at least I can restage the situation. :) Not with my new keyboard, though. And coke could have been much worse... it's true. So, you too have lots of computer parts to shoot now?


Okay...I've relocated my drink across the room. Thanks for a good reminder. Cheers, :)


;) yes. I should have taken a pic from my keyboard too, but that was the last thing I was thinking at that moment... hmm...


eheheh funny pic!

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