A Quickie Shoot with a Household Name

Once again, my apologies for being quiet for a while. I've been spending my downtime sleeping 'cause it's been really busy the past months.

Anyway, if you're from the Philippines, I'm sure you're familiar with the brand name Mama Sita. Am truly thankful that I got the rare chance to photograph the son of the woman who started this business which eventually became a household name among almost every filipino kitchen.

A busy person that he is, I knew that I had to keep the shoot as quick as possible. Having this in mind, I decided to shoot with just a single light source to minimize set up time. I shot him in several spots of their office compound but this one is my favorite (this one didn't make it to print though since my art director chose a tighter layout).

As mentioned, this was lit with a single strobe positioned at high camera right. I didn't use any light modifier for this one except for a sock on its standard reflector. I wanted a small light source to contain light just enough. The available light was underexposed 1 1/2 stop to give emphasis on the spot where I lit for our subject.

You can view the blog here

Hope this helps. Happy shooting!

Photo credits: Junpinzon.

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December 14, 2011


good idea. David.

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