Quiet ...

With wedding season kicking off, 4th of July in the US and Canada day here it's been a very quiet beginning of month for me ... no sales :(

check out my new website:

what do you think ? should I subscribe to the add-free wix ? anybody dealing with them ?

Photo credits: Jdazuelos.

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July 06, 2010


Your website looks great! Well done.

July 06, 2010


first: thanks for the congrats :)

to answer your question, it's No, I don't want to give away photos ...

I am using a service to generate my site (wix.com) and I'm wondering if it would be worth removing the little "wix loading" or the button on the side by subscribing to their non-free service... got it ?

July 06, 2010


Nice website!
I'm afraid I didn't understand your question! Are you asking whether you should donate free photos?!

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