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Quiet revolution

Every month we break our own records. No need to bother you with this, you already know the trend. Some facts regarding our latest evolution are always welcome, so here we go:

October was the best month in sales, extended licenses, payments sent to photographers, images submitted, image reviews and new customers. Most contributors have seen a significant growth reporting personal records, with royalties increase going as high as 70-100% for some of them.

We've gained about 25,000 new live images in only 3 days. That's not a peak, but a simple check of the last few days. The approval ratio grew as the quality improved. As a side note, our hard working editors are always eager to see your comments, so drop them a nice reply on approvals too, not only on refusals. ;)

Considering their efforts, as well as submissions number, we will be exceeding 2M before half of November, surpassing thus our summer prediction with more than a month and the March prediction with almost 4 months!

We had a new record for a SR-EL license, making waves within the industry, we spoke at the PDN's PhotoPlus in New York and Ellen is just about to post a new blog about the amazing feedback received at PACA. And last but not least, we are the first community to join CEPIC.

Several new channels of distribution start to bring extra exposure to our imagery and of course, new customers. Our own traffic exceeded by 30% the previous month.

New levels and royalties were launched today. We expect an extraordinary November and we wish you the same.

"For those about to rock, we salute you!"

Photo credits: Solarseven.

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You can reply to the notification email that you receive after the review, just as you (or at least others) reply to it when it's a refusal ;)
Support will redirect it for you. Or you can leave a comment to one of the editors, sometimes you can find them on the forums and usually their profile provides details. The reason why there isn't an obvious difference between admins,editors and regular contributors is because we try to keep them all equal. A small icon can bring a lot of favoritism in sales and we want to let images speak for themselves.


That would definitely be nice to send a Thank You Note to reviewers for an approval. However that leads to 2 questions:

1) How do we know who approved the images, and how do we email them?
2) I know they are very, very, very busy. Do they have time to read the extra email? I wouldn't want to provide more work than they already have.


These are particular good news, and thank you very much for your inputs Serban. I'm so proud of being part of the community, and my only wish is that this trend continues on and on, so that the *quiet* revolution goes on. After all, this is great for all of us *revolutionary guys*... ;-)

Btw, 25,000 new live images in only 3 days was not a peak? I really wonder what the peak was...

All the best!


Well W Dreamstime! ;-)


Superb job Dreamstime! My own sales have shot through the roof recently __ keep up the good work!


Since having images on Dreamstime, yesterday was one of my best days for sales.


Congratulations Dreamstime! Glad to work with you!


Since joining Dt as a contributor earlier this year I have admired every aspect of this site from the business model to the site design to customer service. Every detail here is top drawer and I'm pleased but not the least surprised to see such strides. Congrats to Serban, Ellen and the whole DT team. Bigger and better to come!


Congratulations to those who got good sales. I did get some sales in October but it kind of stopped in second half of October. Hope more sales will come in November but so far none. Regards, Vish


I am very happy to be a member in this wunderful and growing community. Best wishes from Germany and all the best for the future ... and thanks to all editors and admins!


The site just gets more beautiful all the time! Thanks for caring so much about your contributors. Elena


Even if I am new in this branch, what can I say...well done, and hope for the best!


Impressive data and it's all proof on my own DT's account!


Very impressive!


Well done, DT! Glad to work with you!!


October certainly broke my personal all-time selling record by a bunch -- not much to speak of for many here, but enough to inspire me to finally break down and get more serious about my photography. Thanks, Serban & DT!


The Sales are surely rocking and so is the quality I guess. I am sorry Serban, I haven't been able to do much lately due to my uncle's health and the charity concert, hopefully I will pick up in the later half of the month. I did manage 2 shoots in last 2 days and hoping that I will be able to upload those tomorrow, as they are season related as well as useful for current assignments. Congratulations to all contributors with great sales!! :)


We'll keep up with you at the highway to hell with balls of steel will we rock you and strike you as a thunderstruck.


I am thrilled, this has been my best month to date!! My earnings doubled for October!! ROCK ON DREAMSTIME!!!


Yay! And don't forget the nice comments to the editors, folks! Especially when you get an Editor's Choice image! ;)


Congratulations Dreamstime! I know how hard everyone there has worked for this achievement. As a contributor I am so grateful to be a small part of it and get to share in the success!! Thanks very much!! :-D


Thank you, Seban, for this re-cap of all the wonderful things happening here at DT !! Love it, love it, love it !! ;O))


If articles like this doesn't get you pumped up please have someone check your pulse, you may be dead.

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