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After a Barnstorming year in 2011 where I uploaded 425 images I kinda had a quiet year in terms of producing stock images in 2012 uploading just 40 odd images.

However I am returning this year with hopefully a little more motivation and some new toys, I guess 2012 just got away from me in terms of time and whilst I did take lots of pictures many of them languish un-edited hidden away on my hard drive.

Sales for me over the period of inactivity have slumped dramatically so I am determined this year to both take and submit images much more regularly and try and get back some of the momentum that I have lost! I should probably have spent a little less time relaxing in some of the most wonderful thermal spas in Europe that just so happen to be right on my doorstep and a little more time photographing them ;)

I am sure that images like these of the magical Barlang Furdo (Cave Spa) in the North East of Hungary have limited commercial value but I am going to endeavor to take more time to take photographs of the places I visit rather than just go along and relax, a little work never hurt anyone I guess, it also is a wonderful excuse to revisit places.

I am kicking off my new motivated year in a couple of weeks with a visit to a local and somewhat Unique Pig festival in the lake resort of Abadszalok where I hope to work on some editorial shots of the event and see where I go from there. I am sure the weather will be a little less inspiring than it was in the picture to the left but I am hoping the Paprika and pork inspired festival will inject it's own splash of colour. I am planning to head out at least once a fortnight with the expressed aim of taking photographs and increase both my portfolio and exposure and get my sales back to where they were in 2011 :)

Photo credits: Llareggub.

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February 26, 2013


Beautiful images!Keep up and good luck!

February 26, 2013


Thanks all, winter is proving less than successful at the moment, everything is delightfully grey and terribly uninspiring but things look to be picking up :)

February 24, 2013


keep uploading...best wishes.

February 24, 2013


Hello! Good to see you back! Great new photos. Wish you all the best with your new year resolutions :-)

February 24, 2013


best of luck - you can achieve anything with motivation

February 22, 2013


It is beautiful photo!Keep up working.

February 21, 2013


Good luck, keep your images loading.

February 21, 2013


Thanks all, looking forward to getting going again :)

February 21, 2013


Good luck picking up upload rithm again. I have also loosen the speed for some months and noticed it also on sales.

February 21, 2013


It seems very slow for me this start of 2013. Once in a few days i will have a sale or two, other times it seems like my whole portfolio is switched off form the system.

February 20, 2013


Good Luck !

February 20, 2013


Nice pics and good luck on your purpose!

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