Quit my day job

I would love to quit my day job and just do photography and illustrations for a living. Here is my question: Roughly how many images would it take downloaded on DT to make around $2,000 pe month. I know that is not a lot, but without all the extras I could quit my job and do what I really love doing.

Anyone have any suggestions.

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December 12, 2008


I found this article which has some good info on what this person makes per month: http://www.dphotojournal.com/sell-photos-online/ Perhaps you'll find it as informative as I did.

November 28, 2008


Thank you so much for your comments. This gives me an idea of what I have now and what I could have if I work very hard.
I am also looking at different avenues to sell my work, like wedding photography. I can make money taking the photos for them, get a model release and put those photos on here.

November 27, 2008


I commend you for your ambition. That's the first thing you need. In order to be a successful at this you have to dedicate a lot of time to produce quality work. I've read somewhere that the on average,a stock photographer makes $5000 per year. This is a average meaning, average of everyone. Some stock photographers make only make a couple hundred per year like me or over $100,000 like some of the people here in Dreamstime. So if you want to make a living, I would do as much research as possible to see what it takes. To increase you chances of making a steady income, invest your earnings wisely. I hope that helps.

November 27, 2008


That is quite a goal and one I am sure we are all striving for. In all my research I have come to the same conclusion as everyone else, it takes TIME, hard work and good quality, relevant images. Good luck to you, I know you can achieve that goal.

November 27, 2008


I'll be blunt, and the short answer is that you are several years away from that. To achieve that you need to greatly increase your portfolio both in numbers and quality. And that takes time, there is no shortcut. The only thing that can help is posting the images on as many sites as possible, but you'll also see that is easier said than done.
There isn't a number anyone can give you, as it greatly depends on the quality and the subjects of your photos.

November 27, 2008


Good luck to you, really.
This is a dream of mine, too. We, postgraduate students in Russia, get scholarship about 50$ per month :( So I dream of a day when I can do illustrations for a living. Dreamstime is a real chance.

November 27, 2008


ooo goood luck! Its a dream quite far far away for me!

November 27, 2008


I wish I could do the same! But I'm still far away of it. Wish you luck to do it!

November 26, 2008


For me, average $1 per download, meaning If I want to earn $2000 per month. I need about 2000 downloads per month... :(

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