Quite amusing thing in Dreamstime

I saw this pictures in dreamstime, by someone else =)

I guess not many people encounter that animal..

and made a mistake of name..and who had approved it and who had downloaded it..

can i get reward of seeing this mistake?

Photo credits: Callan Chesser.

Your article must be written in English



no problem, i guess not many tigers picture can be found..



Thanks for pointing this out - I was sure an orange strippy animal was a wolf! ;-)


Image info has been changed.


try to search crocodile, maybe i can get some photos with dinosaur..


that's really funny, it made my day :))))), not even a small word about tiger in his keyword list :D


wolf! heh :) pretty nice


It happens,, very funny though!
I liked the photo , it seems that it took the photographer quite a work and courage taking it.


LOL Wisconsinart, don't walk much in the savannah :)))
Carol this one of the crap is really funny :)))


Must have key worded etc in a batch and missed changing that one.Very easily done. The ones that make me smile are the crabs titled as craps lol :0)
Wisconsinart - Would they be sharks or wolves when key worded lol? ;)


i hope not one thinks i am making fun of anyone =)

ya i think he may just keyword many pictures together..

i had reported the wrong keywords..i guess i am helping this photos to get some views =)


Most wild animals I encounter wear a suit and tie, carry a briefcase, and offer you a business card before feeding.


Must be the freezing temperature! :))
Seriously the photographer has other photos with a wolf in the snow! That can explain the mistake!
I think you should call the attention of the photographer... If he's a buyer that might be a good reward :)


Could be a "Tiger Lily" (just kidding)
We're all human and we all make mistakes. Could be the person was tired at the end of a long day.


but it is a cat! not a dog..i mean a wolf dog!


If that's not a wolf, I don't know what is. lol


eheh :)


LOL good catch... which confirms, it was a human being who took the photo and keyworded it, and not a robot. ;)

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