As is my wont, I was just checking out the latest keyword searches that users have been conducting and was immediately drawn to "quit smoking", as I am myself in the midst of this exercise. I wondered what kind of images could portray such a concept. So I launched my own search, and have to say that I am pretty impressed by some of the ideas that came up. In the great tradition of Tonygers and others, I am going to show a few of the images that have not had any sales yet, but in my opinion should do very well indeed.

© Porhec

There were quite a few others that were pretty good, some of them have already had sales... and ummm, some of them I didn't put up here because even though I did like them... I just think that trying to hammer in a message requires a bit more subtlety than the images depicted.

Photo credits: , Michael Ledray, Photowitch, Hector Fernandez.

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September 24, 2007


I am super happy with your choosing, thanks.

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