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"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst"- Henri Cartier- Bresson

So, did you already take your first 10,000 photographs?

Photo credits: Laura Arredondo .

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March 07, 2012


Well for me its the best 10,000 photographs that I keep! Thaks to all for your comments!

March 06, 2012


I don't keep track of how many photos have I shoot, but I'm sure I'm way over 50,000. In my computer I have right now over 21,000 images that I want (I already deleted those that aren't needed or don't like).

March 06, 2012

Kimson1972 the analog world it was more difficult.....but in the digital easy....Henri Cartier-Bresson look down and change to 10000 accepted by Dreamstime....!

March 06, 2012


I took 4,000 photographs during my last vacation. I should be a world famous photographer by now.

But... I am selling photographs around the world. :-)

March 06, 2012


Reminds us all to keep reaching for the stars ... thanks, K-

March 06, 2012


It's not difficult to take 10,000 photos with a digital camera. Another story is to have 10,000 photographs you want to keep :)

March 06, 2012


My Lightroom 3 library is up to 20,908 and I keep deleting bad ones when I see them. So happy days are ahead!

March 06, 2012


Now with modern technology, you have total control of the image, luckily that the difference in the end is still our imagination and creativity. Congratulations to Laura posted the pictures, the last one is really beautiful, black and white is very nice and high key, while the color attracts a lot of attention!

March 06, 2012


Well, that was pre-digital... That makes it your first 100,000 photographs are your worst perhaps?? :-)

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