The Qwest for the Seahorse Photo

When my wife and I got up the temp. was 80 degrees F. and the ocean water temp was about 81 degrees not unlike every day on the Island of Bonaire.

This is one of the reasons we vacation there. When we go it's winter at home and the warmth of the Island is a much needed benefit.

Another reason is for the scuba diving it has to offer.

On every dive you can expect to see hundreds of colorful fish and eel, and lobster, and other creatures that live on the reefs.

What you don't see to much are seahorses. And when you do it's a real treat.

So when we go on a reef dive the safe normal practice is to dive along the reef until you get to about half of your tank pressure and then you turn around and use the remaining half to get back.

Well on the second day we were out and were just about at half pressure when my wife pointed to her eyes and motioned me over.

This is a sign that she found something neat to see. So I went closer to her and here it was a beautiful seahorse hiding in a bush of coral.

So of course out came the camera and I started taking photos. The problem with underwater photos is that it's a fluid world so everything is moving and it's tough to get a good shot.

But I tried my best and took several shots.

I did notice that on the coral where the Seahorse was were a few fire worms and did not want to brush up against them. They will hurt you bad. The Seahorse was also being shy so every time I tried to get a shot it would move around the coral.

We also take great care not to touch the reef while diving because it could kill it and that's not what diving is about. So a lot of things are against you to take a good shot.

We did not have a lot of time to take the shots because we did need enough air to get back.

When we got back to the room we were still wet when we looked at the photos on the lab top and out of about twenty photos none of them were good enough. Some were blurred from the movement, some were just not good because of the Seahorse moving away just as I was shooting.

Seahorses generally stay in one area for a while so we already had the next dive planned and was praying it would still be there.

To shorten up an already long story, we went back three times over a two day period before I got one that worked.

I was very happy Dreamstime accepted the photo because of what it took to get it. I also think a photo in a natural setting at forty feet deep is a better trophy than some aquarium shot.

I hope you like it.

Take only photos and leave only bubbles.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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Sorry, my fingers and brain don't always work as a team.


Congratulations on getting this exquisite shot accepted by Dreamstime. One question though: Is the title of your blog a supposed to be a plug for the phone company? "Quest" is probably the word you were looking for.


Beautiful! As hard as getting kids underwater :-)


I salute your persistance.


A fabulous shot of an amazing creature! Very well done, and yes, definitely far and above an aquarium shot. Well done Dave!

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