Radiohead's latest album

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Radiohead has launched a new album about one month ago. A controversial one, the album was recorded by the famous band on their own, without any recording label.

Consequently, the album was posted on the Internet and can be downloaded by users at the price they decide. Yep, you read it right, you can buy it for $1 or $100, you choose how to reward the band.

The download will be available until Dec. 10, 07. Album will go through traditional outlets from Dec. 31, 07.

Web 2.0 (almost) frees music!

Buy album here

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March 02, 2010


okay is okey

June 04, 2008


Well, on 15th of may, NIN becomes the first major band and musical enterprise to actually give an entire album for free, in various formats ranging from simple mp3, to even higher than CD quality Wave format. So, things are moving rapidly.

January 04, 2008


Serban, I don't understand the flexible pricing model. But as far as musicians taking their promotion and sales into their own hands, I think this is fantastic. A great "Shot across the Bow" to the major labels. All of us who listen to music know, regardless of genre, the simple cookie cutter material tends to get signed first. Major labels don't want to take chances. So if a Nirvana breaks through in the early 1990s, they are going to scourge Seattle in search of bands who sound just like them.

The same simplistic, money-first mindset is why bubble gum pop sells in the US. It is why someone like Britney Spears can become an icon overnight, but a band like Nightwish can't make it to the radio.

The internet will take over music. Or at least musicians will use the internet to take the art form back from the labels.

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January 03, 2008


I just catch up this post and is too late. I reckon the act is like directing the budget from expensive media promotions to customers, and make some different noise too.

Radiohead is my favourite band back to school days...I even know how to sing every song in the ok computer album though I'm not English native.

December 08, 2007


Maybe they were inspired my this micro stock model...

December 07, 2007


I think this is a neat thing for them to try out --

December 07, 2007


This is definitely towards which the industry will go. Especially with controversial or banned stuff. Like Serban said, you require a lot of talent and fans who will buy something that a record label is not willing to take up.
I understood the potential of all this when I had recorded a support song for Michael Jackson during his trial. I expected some 10,000 downloads and to my surprise the song has been downloaded by 400,000 people by now. Remembering that I am a CEO for a music label in India, we are going towards the web market more than the traditional one, at the same time we are not giving up the traditional one totally. Everyone must be already aware of a concept called ROYALTY FREE MUSIC which works on the same model of RF PHOTOGRAPHY concept.

Maybe DT will add this feature in future! What say Serban! ;)

December 07, 2007


Yep got it already and it is a diamond cut and finished

December 07, 2007


I think the free music and also cheap music-downloads will change the music-market fundamentally. On the other side: look at the prices for concert-tickets. They are growing higher and higher. Many groups are touring again and more than in the past. With concerts they earn the money. I like to go to concerts......... but 120 Euro for Neil Young for example.... I think a little bit too expensive.

December 07, 2007


Some say it's a marketing trick, some say that in the end they had to go back to the traditional outlets. It may be too early for such strategy or maybe not.
It definitely requires talent and fans, or the artist will not survive, literally. I was appealed by the open model, technology that allows avoidance of monopoly instated by recording labels (sounds familiar? ;) ). And if we add the fact that so many labels direct the creative part of the artist, there is more creative freedom too.

December 07, 2007


Do you think all music will eventually go this route? Or is this just a clever marketing ploy so Radiohead can make more money when more people show up to their concerts?

December 06, 2007


I'd forgotten about this, thanks for the reminder. Bought my copy...

December 06, 2007


Very interesting. Thanks!

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