Rain session in India ! 410th Images Approved

Dear All dreamstimers ! This is long time when I was started photography and being exclusive for the dreamstime. Since that time I found boost in my photography life when I thought that trying is the best part of any work .

In the Month of 14 May on 2018 ,I again started uploading images on dreamstime that I almost stopped from more than 1 years. Sorry for the late but I am just sharing my experiences.

Dry Pond and Bike Standing at this

In the month of May I started photography when I was in office and thought suddenly strike into my mind that we must not waste time in just sitting and feeling comfortable. Then I took my camera and started the bike and moved for the photograph the local places like ponds ,trees ,ditch ,plants,etc.

Pond Look Through Tree Roots

In May I uploaded almost 50 images and selected all images almost. This gives me an appreciation to move on and never stop.

Next day I captured some picture from my office like stationary items, pens ,Stapler etc and also the lock picture that shows security purpose. They also selected.

Lock Unlocked on White Background

In the Month of June I moved to another place for photography that is NMDC Steel Plant Nagarnar.This is actually the biggest plant in our area. I started capturing the railway track and captured almost 112 Images. From these images more than 90 were selected.

Steel Plant Panorma View

All these selection happens to me in very few days and with very low rejection rate.I am Very Happy With That .

Save Flowers ,Save Bees ,Save Earth

Now Come to Point ,I am sharing this because I completed over 400 Images online in my portfolio.

Welder Doing Praparation for Welding at Overbridge

And this July 9 2018 when I am writing this.

Overall I am telling that if you do hard work and get some knowledge from rejection you can improve the experience .I learn to many things from these 2 months .From Noise Reduction to Removing unrelated objects from image and also learned how to name the image and how to categorized the image in right type .

Now not taking long time to this blog .This month my one of the image was sold of using whatsapp by a man. With that now I have total of 23.36 $ in my account ,so your passion and some income goes parallel if you work hard .

Man Using Whatsapp

So be Positive ,Be Passionate ,Be Courageous and never give up because where you decided to give up that time actually can make you a great photographer..

Woods Banner in Rain

Now in india and In other country rain started and I uploaded rain related images on 08.07.2018.

Live update on 09.07.2018 ,uploaded 22 images selected 21…Happy moments gives appreciation .

So for now ,see you ,Tata ,bye bye..

Photo credits: Gaurav Kumar.

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July 31, 2018


Thank you Williamwise 1 ,Love from india.I Captured this by sleeping on the pond floor and just focusing on the stones and soil of the pond and remain in the out of focus ..

July 31, 2018


Love the paradoxical shot of the motorbike in the wild nature setting.

July 20, 2018


Thanks Rasinfosoft0512 ,I am Currently using Canon Powershoot A1200 Hd and Canon 1300D

July 20, 2018


Great Motivational Talk Gaurav, meanwhile please let me know which camera you are using.

July 11, 2018


Thank you Sir!Get Appreciation from your comments.

July 10, 2018


Congratulations, you have amazing images.

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