Rainy day

I used to feel house-bound on rainy days. Then I got the courage to walk around with my camera in the rain. Suddenly I found a whole new realm of enjoyment:

I found dimmer light, and reflection of water brought out quite a different mood.

I found that plants and flowers had been showered and cleaned. Instead of the usual dusty and washed out look, they looked refreshed with more saturated colors.

I found that places are a lot less crowded in the rain.

I found that animals in the zoo were more playful in the rain than on a hot day: despite their dripping wet fur, they came out to eat, to play, or just do their usual grooming:

If only someone could take a picture of me in the rain: capture me trying to balance between holding an umbrella and taking a shot with slow shutter speeds or moving around a tripod, between protecting my gear or myself from getting wet, between focusing on my subject and watching for that ankle-deep puddle that suddenly appears.....

I can see myself in that picture: soaking wet with a grin on my face. I might look terrible and exhausted from struggling to keep my balance. I felt cheerful: for that moment I lost my balance but still managed to hold on to my gear and keep it mostly dry; for that moment I didn't manage to avoid the puddle and almost tipped over; even more, for that great moment I noticed and even captured a scene in all that chaos.........

Photo credits: Jinlide.

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November 10, 2008


Thank you for your comment, Desislava!

November 10, 2008


Great photos! I love that one with the bridge! Great job! Keep on this way!

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