Rainy Days Photography

"It's raining... Again... Every time I have a little spare time, the weather decides not to cooperate and turns against me. What can I do?! All my plans for a whole day shooting ended up in smoke (or rain?)... Life sucks..."

Have you ever thought such thoughts? Have you been unhappy when it has been raining cats and dogs, while you have planned a sunny day photosession?

If yes, then it shouldn't be that you just let the unpredictable weather to ruin your happy moments with your camera.

How not to let that happen?

There might be some ideas for you.

© Writer
1. Go out, find a lobby or carport or some other dry place and take rainy day photos, people with umbrellas, struggling with their everyday life, rushing across the street.

© Grapix
© Moth
2. Go to some public place (airport, mall, supermarket, street) and take moody shots with long shutter speed. (Don't forget your tripod.)

© Maigi
3. Take street and city scene photos late at night - city lights are most beautiful especially on rainy day, when light is reflecting from wet surfaces.

© Vadkoz
4. Try to capture rainy day mood in nature, if there's fog or mist.

5. Dont' forget to go out after rain, when first sunbeams have penetrated their way through the clouds.

© Armonn
6. You can always compose and shoot still lifes at home. :)

So, there's lot to do. Don't miss opportunity to broaden the variety of subjects and themes you are shooting. And if you decide to go out then don't forget to protect your equipment. Here are some tips, what can keep you safe and dry: Tips for Shooting in Bad Weather by Wendy Green.

So, sun can be fun, but rain doesn't have to be pain.

Happy shooting! :)

Photo credits: Noam Armonn, Britishbeef, Constantin Opris, Kutt Niinepuu, Sergei Didyk, Jelena Popić, Csaba Peterdi, Ken Cole, Maigi, Joanne Zhe, Og-vision, Gary Lewis, Stuart Key, Vadim Kozlovsky, Viaden7272, Tomislav Birtic, Paulus Rusyanto, Yuriy Klymenko.

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October 02, 2008


Thanks! Glad to hear. Hope everything is okay with you.

October 02, 2008


some excellent ideas - enjoyed reading this blog

September 30, 2008


:) That's great.

September 30, 2008


Thanks a lot! the information is very necessary our city! ))

August 21, 2008


Thanks, Brian. I checked your profile page again and noticed that you are specialized in cowboy photography?! :) Can't wait to see some cowboy photos in your portfolio too, I'm waiting to have some new shots for my Wild Wild West collection. :)

August 21, 2008



Great blog, great attitude and outstanding suggestions. I hoping for rain this afternoon!


P.S. Thanks for adding one of my photos to your Urban Moods collection. That was cool of you.

August 05, 2008


I heard from the news you have floods there in Brittain?! Hope everything will turn back normal soon. Take care!

August 05, 2008


Nice blog Maigi! Well it's raining her in London AGAIN so will take your advise!

July 10, 2008


Hey Bright!! Happy to hear from you. :) Hope everything is alright with you and your family!
Isn't Estonia a great place for rainy days photography?! :))

July 10, 2008


Hi Maigi! Rainy days are very inspiring to make photograph! :) Thanks for adding some of my images to "Rainy Day Collection"! Much appeciated! :)

July 09, 2008


And here are great rainy days photos on Dreamstime: Who Will Stop the Rain collection :)

July 08, 2008


Hey, thanks for all of your comments!
I found some great blogs meanwhile:
13 Fabulous Photos of a Rainy Day
How to Save a Rainy Day
and here's another:
Jowling - Photography Fun For a Rainy Day ;)

July 08, 2008


I don't let the rain stop me! Even if I have company we go out anyway, and I have a few pictures of places and things in the rain.

July 08, 2008


I personaly like shooting on rainy days, and now with my new E3 I'll do it without fear.
Thanks for adding my image in your blog article.

July 08, 2008


Great ideas and suggestions Maigi!!! Thanks

July 07, 2008


Great! I'm glad you like it. :)

July 06, 2008


Very positive ideas on making everyday a good photo day. Thanks

July 06, 2008


This is a good article. Helpful to me !!!!!!!!

July 05, 2008


great idea - it rains almost EVERY day here in Ireland! i must remember your pointers! thanks!!

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