The Ralston Trail Hike

When I started on this hike with my friend, I was determined to get up to the top. Well, he did not come prepared so I had to compensate. And, a lot of things happened on the way up, but suffice to say, I did not get to the vista point due to the fact that this lady gave me the wrong directions and, the hike was too hard for my friend. I actually ended up hiking a mile uphill more than I needed to. We ended up getting rescued by the El Dorado County Search and Rescue teams. We ended up getting rescued at 1 am in the morning and not down the mountains until 4:3 am. What a hike!!

On the photo, so I figured if I have to be "lost" then I want to get some great photos out of this. After all, I did not come over 9000+ feet up to get nothing for our hard efforts :) These are panoramic shots taken at various points off the trail. Then I combined all five shots into one photo since my camera does not take panoramic shots. I hope enjoy this. It looks better on a full screen on Canon's or Google's photo site.

Ralston trail panoramics

Ralston Trail Panoramics

Photo credits: Laura Puglia.
Laura Puglia
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I have been a nature buff since I was 10 years old. I love the water and grew up with a family who traveled a lot – Europe, Asia, and Africa, although I was too small to remember much.

I think I take after my Dad who also loves photography and my Uncle Jack, who used to work for National Geographic years ago. When I was 16 years old, my dad and mom gave me an OM-10 camera with attachments for Christmas. I would take pictures of whatever I could and waste a lot of film I’m sure. Time and technology sure flies by. I graduated to Canon Powershot in May 2004 and am looking to advance again.

I am an avid John Denver fan and have always appreciated his songs about mother nature. I tie a lot of my visual inspirations to his songs. I love the ocean, wildlife, clouds, flowers, birds, mountains, canyons, lights, sunrises, and sunsets.

Thank you for letting me share my photos with you.

Laurie Puglia

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October 03, 2015

I think you should have lost there. lol. Well done and best wishes.