Rambling in Europe

I had been to Europe twice before, the 3rd time to Europe was a little bit different, for I brought with me my darling girl together and also traveled to Switzerland, which I had never been to since before.

Chapel Bridge,Luzern

The Colosseum or Roman Coliseum

For visiting the famous metropolis, there’s no so much different feeling compared with my last 2 times visiting, only is the camera in my hand is much better than previous so that I can catch more beautiful photos in focus; however, the mood was so much diffidence when getting to the resort areas such as Luzern, the lake surface covering with so many white sailing boats composed a perfect beauty scenery. So many people whatever males or females they enjoyed the sunbath at ease… on the contrary, most of us coming for a visit from other country just kept following the tour guide, gaining a superficial understanding through cursory observation; becoming fatigued and tired due to the hasty march, even feeling sort of off the beat. So in general, we went there not for recreation but just visiting people how to spend their holiday there.

Luzern Switzerland

Lake Luzern

Luzern, Switzerland

Lake in Luzern, Switzerland

Photo credits: Toneimage.
  • Toneimage
Hope you like my photos^^

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thanks for your comment^^


Nice photos, nice color.I have also never been to Switzerland, but will one day soon.


many thanks to Littledesire,you are the first friend comment to my first blog in Dreamestime!


I've never been to Switzerland but yeaah, Europe is beautiful!