Rambling Review: Phone, P&S or DSLR

I read a lot of reviews before I buy equipment and they are somewhat useful, but sometimes they seem out of touch with the reality of stock photography. Noise free ISO up to 1million? Ummmm, maybe for Facebook posts but not so much if you are a pixel peeping photo enthusiast. Or even if you hope to get an image past DT review, let alone produce one that sells. I currently shoot with a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone camera, a Nikon CoolpixP510, and a Canon EOS 7D. In this article I am sharing what I feel are the best and worst points of each.

First, the Galaxy phone. Obviously I love that it is so compact. If light conditions are decent it focuses well and I am able to work with it very quickly. My favorite thing about the phone is that it has no protuding lense. This means that I can easily shoot through glass without reflection problems because I can simply set the flat phone screen up against a window, as in this picture.

You will also notice that it produces good (deep) depth of field.

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The main disadvantage I see is the loss of control. Your options for working with poor lighting and creative composition are more limited than with the point and shoot or the digital SLR.

Second, the Nikon Coolpix. I like this camera for its zoom range (28 to 1000 35 mm equiavalent,) light weight and VR, which most of my Canon lenses lack. I also like that I don't need to drag around a tripod everywhere I go due to the lighter weight and VR. In my opinion, the low light performance is quite good, especially for a point and shoot. I also like the movable view screen. EDIT: oh my, stock up on memory cards!

The main draw back for me is that this camera will not produce RAW images. I love the RAW software that came with my Canon and I miss the easy, loss-free editing capability. Also, well I am a Canon girl from way back and it kills me that I like this camera so much!

P510 on Amazon

Canon 7D. I like this camera. It is a good compromise between the top of the line pro cameras and my idea of affordibility since I am not yet making a profit in stock photography. I like the cropped sensor because I use telephoto lenses a lot. If you shoot a lot of wide angle photos, I would suggest a full frame camera.

Here is an image taken with the 7D.

The main draw back is I like to carry my gear everywhere and it gets old packing so much on a hike and explaining to the flight attendants that yes, indeed, the bag with your camera bag will certainly fit under the seat, although it may be a bit tight, and no, thank you, you do not want to entrust thousands of dollars of sensitive electronics and optical glass to the baggage handlers and gate check said bag. All the while remembering that you have to explain this carefully and gently or you might not be allowed on the flight! In their defense I must add that I was once in a hurry and gate-checked a bag, forgetting to remove my lap top from the OPEN zippered pocket on the outside of the bag. Guess what? It arrived safely at its location! So some of those baggage handlers do a bang up great job.

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April 17, 2013


 Image not available or id is incorrect. this is the first accepted image I have taken with the Nikon.[/i]

April 10, 2013


The DSLR is a clear winner for everything but easy to carry! I am glad, too. I waited a long time to afford it and would hate for something much cheaper to be just as good!

April 10, 2013


Luckily i don't have a phone camera at all, just the Canon :)

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