Rare Buffalo

I made a trip these days to a buffalo reservation from Romania!

This kind of animal are an endangered species all around the world. At this reservation are only five buffalo. And there is only one calf, who has one year old.

This are some great animals and almost no one is doing nothing to preserve them and keep them in our forest! It`s a sad story!

Here are some samples of what I got to shoot! They where kind of joyful that day, so I couldn`t get to many good photos!

Hope you`ll like them! :)

Photo credits: Andrei Moldovan.

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June 03, 2010


How cool, to learn the name of a new animal. I have never heard of the wisent, either! Thanks for the additional info. If I ever get to Romania, I will look for them. I hope you have added the scientific name and the common names to your keywords.

June 01, 2010


Great images,wish you many sales with them!

June 01, 2010


Hey, thank you all for your answers!
Amyemilia, the link that you gave, it`s not good! There are 2 couples of buffalo in Romania. The one that you said about it`s not an endangered species! I`m will make some pictures with that one, so you`ll see that it`s still used by the peasants to work the land. When I was a small kid I you to swim in the river together with them :) They are called in Romanian Bivol :)
The one`s that I`m talking about are this ones Carpathian Wisent
I used in my title the name of buffalo because I didn`t know the name of wisent! This kind of buffalo ( I like to call them that way :) ) are only a few left, and you can learn on that link their history :) It used to be a symbolic animal for a region in Romania, for Moldavia more exactly! This one is called in Romanian : Bizon :)
I hope I was enough precise now, and sorry for the first misunderstand!
Thank you Amyemilia!

June 01, 2010


I had no idea there were buffalo in Romania. For those who are interested, here is the Wikipedia link.

June 01, 2010


Great animal!

June 01, 2010


Interesting species. I hope there is some organisation looking after their preservation. Maybe you should help by highlighting the issue locally through your photos.

June 01, 2010


great shots :)

May 31, 2010


The buffalo photos are great! It´s really sad that nothing is done to preserve them :(

May 31, 2010


Nice images... I hope they sell well.

May 31, 2010


Great pictures. Congrats.

May 31, 2010


These look nice! Good luck :)

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