Rate my portfolio

Hi guys,

I want to have your opinion about my pf.

I'm asking that since I have almost no sales here.

I'd like to improve.

Thank you =)

My Portfolio

Photo credits: MinervaStudio.

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Although your photos are all relativity similar- business concepts/ideas or people; they are all great images!


It has to do with relevancy, I have none. It's a pity, since I don't know how to raise it ;-)


I have no explanation for what you might be doing wrong - you guys are doing excellent work - somehow feels like what I went through at my workplace - you do your very best, you can't really do any better and no one else probably could either - still, it doesn't work out - it's just not a blessing over the place or situation - you have to move on... and while writing this I realized I might have to think about my own situation here :)


Read your portfolio. Your sales great, I admire! How do you say that there is no sales?


The best way to sell here is yo be exclusive... Your portfolio is amazing.


Hi Martin,
we upload to 6 agencies now, and do about 100.000 sales per year.
Of these six, there are agencies that don't seem to work properly, and one of them is DT. Another one is IS, but we know that selling there is nearly impossible without being exclusives, and adding files is a pain since we cannot send more than 20 a week. So I wonder if simply we produce bad quality files for DT standards, since 5163 images online are not a small portfolio.
Sales rate here is about 0,7 per file, the lowest among the six agencies we work with. It has to mean something. So that's why I ask for your help, I want to understand where I'm wrong.


Its always the viewpoint - for an amateur like me your numbers are impressive but when realizing what you are really selling I do have a few questions - if DT does 1% - to how many other agencies are you sending your photos? With which agency do you gain the most success? You see, first I thought you are somehow making a joke with us here but then I realized how much time and money is behind this - you guys do serious work --- the only thing I see positive for you is the fact, that your few thousand pictures here are going to go on making money, no matter if you put one more pic into your pf at DT or not :) and for me, I'm going to go on with DT for this time of my journey, because I'm just an amateur with only a few hours a week for my passion photography.


I add you as fav.


I rate it inspiring! You sell more here in a day than my total sales here! It gives me hope that if I work hard and keep getting better it will eventually pay off. I don,t really have any helpful critique to offer.


"I'm asking that since I have almost no sales here."

3,000+ sales is not "almost no sales"


I do about 450 sales average per day on total. DT only does 3-5 of these. It's less than 1%. So I wouldn't call them MANY sales ;-)


you have many sales. what´s your problem?

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