Raw and DNG format

Most of us already know about all the problems you can find using a Raw format for your pictures and I mean that some programmes don't suppost the kind of Raw file your camera uses and there is even a debate on a future used of them because of the same difficulty;so Adobe has introduced this new DNG (digital negative) format converter,it's an open source programme so everyone could be able to read it,then you don't need any XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) which you need for a Raw format and you can even incorporate the Raw format into the DNG one (if you don't want to loose it)...so here there are some great advices for using it,if you want to know more about it or download it (www.adobe.com/products/dng/)...as I said,it's totally free!

have a great weekend you all!

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it's ok Halient,was just sharing for the few who has some problems with their raw files


Thanks for the share.


I hate to say but I prefer working with raw files compared to dng, I have always had great luck working with them and never a single problem.


yes,it's so;but you didn't loose lots of time and I had to do it after I bought my new Nikon D3000,most of the softwares I had on the pc didn't support and recognize it,so found this useful way


Of course, the DNG convertor must support your camera in the first place :) It is an option though, and helps avoid having to update to the latest software to support a new camera - but adds the inconvenience of having to convert and double store every file...


yes,I heard of it from a book and found intresting,maybe you couldn't have any problems for years by using your Raw format,but it could happen someday.
Then they let you to incorporate your Raw file into the new one,so you don't really loose anything,you could just have some problems to read it with your camera programme,but not this big noise if you save the Raw informations into the DNG


Thanks for the share, I heard this in one of the Adobe Seminar, they were highlighting and encouraging to use Adobe DNG.

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