Re-keywording has to be done!

I always try my best to add the most important keywords to the images.

It happened very rare that I got an image rejected because of wrong keywords or description - That

But I had a critical look at my portfolio and I

Now I need to find time in order to add better keywords. I think that is very important. I

Weigh your words

There are 2 possibilities to get better keywords:

1. Add better keywords to your images by your own

Click the Number of your Uploads on the right bottom of this website, then click the Edit Button and start changing the keywords or add new ones. Last step is just clicking the Submit Button. That

2. Use the "Keymasters tool"

If you choose this re-keywording tool, you will have to pay $ 0.40 for each image keyworded. I have used it several times and I know this can be practical:

1. If you want the best keywords and your English is not very good, then this is a great option to consider.

2. If you don

3. If your images are keyworded perfectly, nobody can flag it as spam! ;)

Here is an example, I used the Keymasters tool for this image:

Zodiac signs

If you use this tool, you just have to give a short description: My description for this image was: " The Zodiac!" . ThatTitle, Description, Keywords and Categories are chosen by the Keymaster. You don

Thanks for reading! Comments are welcome! What was your experience after you have re-keyworded your images?

Photo credits: Mariaam, Silvia Ganora.
  • Mariaam

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June 22, 2010

I've just sent one of my images with 0 sales to keymasters; I'll see how it goes.


June 21, 2010

@ Irisangel I like that idea! It´s a great plan, because nobody can fight against creative block, but using this hard time for re-keywording is a possibility! Thanks for sharing!


June 20, 2010

Re-keywording is something that I do on a regular basis, usually when I run into a creative block and I found found that sometimes, an image that I just re-keyworded will sell in a day or two.


June 20, 2010

@ Py2000 it's important in all the keyword engines as far as I know!
Some search engines are limited with a small number of keywords & others are with bigger number, but if you order the search results by relevancy, the images will show up in the order of the search keyword found on an image! Of course there are other factors that will put some images more ahead or backwards!


June 20, 2010

I had some photos rekeyworded by the keymasters, with mixed results. Some pictures got some sales afterwards, but some did not.
In my opinion the big advantage to using that feature is that by doing that the picture gets kind of resubmitted in the sense that it appears at the beginning of some searches again, on the first couple of pages. It's like cooking a bit pot of food, what sticks to the bottom gets to the top again when it gets stirred. Then it's up to the picture, some don't sell even when they're are on the first search page...
I would definitely use the feature again, but not with every picture.


June 20, 2010

@ Py2000 The sales happened after the re-keywording by the keymasters. I tried the keymasters tool for several times. I used this tool only for those images which had big sales potentials in my opinion.

Of course, there is no warranty or guaranty that images will sale well, even if you use this tool. That´s the reason why it should be used carefully, maybe only for those images with could get very popular, with a great concept, for example.

I remember my first time, when I used the Keymasters tool - I was just curious, that`s all, I just wanted to try it out. But the results were great, and sales also - I didn´t regret it.


June 19, 2010

@ Mariaam - Thanks for the article. I've never tried the keymasters tool. I noticed that your zodiac pic has got 2 sales. Did the sales before or after re-keyworded by keymasters?

@ Maen - Unless things have changed, I don't think the order of the keyword order matters for DT's search engine.


June 19, 2010

Thanks, Maen! You are absolutely right. To order the keywords by their importance is absolutely necessary and to drop the ones which are not necessary.


June 19, 2010

Key words order is also important! Something that we see them normally ordered by the alphabetical order, but it's not the right order for the search engines! Tho you have to order your keywords by their importance...
Thanks for sharing your experience Mariaam :)