reached a milestone

well I did it.. I reached my goal of 300 before september. did not think I would make it! September is my one year date and I had wanted to get that many uploads in one year- but it seemed like I was stuck on 50 forever! I was able to have 97 uploads accepted just in august.. I dont want to talk about how many rejected! I did spot a photo of a ferris wheel I shot as a editor's choice, so that was exciting! and it sold the first hour it was posted!

I figure it took 6 months to get the first hundred and half that to get the next 200 so maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks here? now to reach my first 100 sales....!

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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Oh that's great it's celebration time, amazing collection of photographs some were excellent!!!!!!!!!

stair treads




Congratulations and good luck with sales!!!




Congratulations, you're doing great.


I would not be reliant on just keywords or even numbers of views, hard back of the net sales is what you want to monitor and watch out for. I'm sure if you keep on the wright path you to will generate many sales. It took me a year here of doing nothing and getting many rejections before I spent time on here researching and learning about "stock" before I generated any sales at all. You have already learned/have the ability to get your files on here, that's the biggest step where so many fall and you have concurred this, just need to work on those tweaks now for the sales to come in greater numbers :)


Brett, I know you are correct.. and yes I was in photo competition for too long where catchy titles paid off with judges. odd thing though...I took that advice earlier and went through and changed all my titles and then found that the catchy ones still got more views- a lot more. In reading the blogs here, and looking at search key words, most people search for a key work and not a title... so as long as the relevant words are in my key words wouldnt that be best? although you for sure are doing something right with as many sales as you have! thank you!




You need to look at your image titles and make them work for stock rather than if they were an entry into a photo competition. I have been to many photo clubs and it seems that clever catchy titles are the thing to do there but your latest horse in a stable shot has good potential on here but will be held back by it's title "I want out". IMHO if someone wants a picture of a horse in a stable they will not search for this, your titles are very import here. You only have to look through the thread on here on showing keywords in action where the contributors show what they sold and what the buyer searched for. More often than not it was only a couple of words and words that are very obvious to the shot. So in this case horse and stable need to be in your title without making it too long. Good luck :)

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