Reaching a milestone

I finally got there. 50 uploads. It took quite a while (almost a year in fact), and at a certain point I'd given up hope altogether, but I got there.

The most important thing, though, is not reaching the milestone, it's the path you travel on. For me, it meant learning quite a lot about photography (I was a beginner when I uploaded the first shots), and quite a lot about this "microstock" business, with its pitfalls and (mostly) unwritten rules.

In the meantime, I switched cameras (out went the Fuji S9600, in came a Canon 400D), invested in a rather sizeable amount of objectives, and most importantly had quite a lot of fun taking pictures, regardless of their "sellability" (if you're interested in my "non-stock" stuff, it's on Flickr).

Interestingly enough, image #1 and image #50 come from the same photo session, a walk through the vineyards near Lausanne, in Switzerland. Things go in circles sometimes...



Photo credits: Folco Banfi.

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October 18, 2008



October 17, 2008


Congratulations on reaching a milestone! Wish you lots more uploads and downloads!

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