Reading and so...

I enjoy reading and learning. I can read for days without food, drink and/or sleep. I have thousands of books, tons of journals, materials to read... I read them all. Some more than ones. Some more than twice. I store them in my working room, in my sleeping room, in my living room, restroom, all around my apartment.

I like being informed and creating my own opinion. It makes me good. I really think that reading makes difference between wolves and sheep. And I'm no sheep.

These days I read and correct lot of student exams. I'm the wolf in the middle of sheepfold. But I don't feel that way.

While I was reading and correcting those exams I become crazy. Total crazy.

We educate so many people who don't want to be educated. Exceptions among students are possible, but they are so few.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

I have a feeling that books are overrun by technology and electronics. Do you?

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Your article must be written in English



I also love reading! My themes now are: photography (everything about it), annual financial report (need it for my job) and webdesing (online stuff).


I love reading but as books become more and more expensive I prefer reading from PDA screen now. Besides it's good to read at night without turning table lamp on and disturbing my sleeping husband :)


I also like to read constantly - as a child I got in trouble for reading too much and not getting my work done. :) And I also love learning!


Don't touch my books... :-) I love reading and I have books in all the rooms. I think they will remain always, despite technology and electronics. Everything change, but the "culture of the culture" will be always first of all tangible...


Wow I just looked at your port, and with all your reading I was curious if you ever slept. :p


Oh no... You're the green one. Cheers!


Well Pressmaster, I'm not against books, but I'm pro environmentalist. Wanna make our planet more greener, may be I can make a small difference, I suggest people to opt for technology and save our planet.

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