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The DT "Resources" section recommends a few books for photographers... I just wanted to mention a few others that I have particularly enjoyed reading and have thought to be useful.

National Geographic Field Guides

Many of the photographers at the National Geographic are legends (or at least should be) for the photos they produce when on assignment. This series of books gives lots of practical advice on the equipment to use and technical aspects to keep in mind when taking a picture. One of my favourite features is the little insets where different photographers tell about how they go about working and how they got into photography, etc. Some really great (and sometimes famous) photos are printed in this.

Get on Amazon and search for "National Geographic photography Field Guide" to get a list of the books in this series.

Keep in mind, these are not Stock Oriented books, but they are a great resource for any photographer.

Other great books I've enjoyed:

Night & Low Light Photography by Lee Frost

Learning to see Creatively by Bryan Peterson

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.

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