It is ready for Olympic

Beijing is close to Olympic Games. The government of China advocates all people being more polite for ready.

A slogan is more remarkable: Serve the royalty to the motherland, Pay the attention to the society, Give the sympathy to the colleague, Show the filial piety to the parents, Offer the love to the family, Left the confidence to oneself.

The sentences embody the ancient Chinese philosophies and prompt people to develop the active level

Yes, all people will do like that.

It is expected that the most magnificent sports meet in human history will be held successfully in China.

The people must show both of the enthusiasm and the oriental civilizations to the friends all over the world during the games.

Photo credits: Buford Wong, Jiang Daohua, Twickey.

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April 01, 2008


Wish a successful Olympic games in Beijing.

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