Real Chinese Kung Fu

Real Chinese Kung Fu

Many foreign friends understand China kung fu, mostly watching Bruce Lee movies. History of Chinese Kung Fu is very long.

with the deep cultural connotation.

People often say that in China, Kung Fu originated from the Shaolin . Over the years, Shaolin kung fu famous at home and abroad, it is different from the large number of film stunts practices, this is the real Chinese kung fu.

A part of the holistic Oriental Civilization, Chinese Kung fu is effective both in battle and in building physical strength. In addition, it unites with the traditional medicine concepts of human's main and collateral channels, Qi and blood. To

conclude, as a crystallization of the wisdom gathered in the ancient Chinese lands, it allows people of any age to build up their bodies.


Photo credits: Linqong.

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Urty ,my fiend,Thank you for the wonderful comment.


nice picture!
I am from zhengzhou, only 100 km from Shaolin Temple. It's the capital of Henan Province I mentioned above.


Thanks a lot,my friend.


Theses are awesome action images. Great work. Thank you fro sharing the history. :)


Some pictures of Chinese Kung fu will be passed to my profile successively behind.

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