the real problem of dreamstime

Hello to everyone!

As you can see in my portfolio, now I have 219 illustrations in Dreamstime.

Obviously I'll show you the pictures.

I am very happy because I see that the images are approved with constancy and this encourages me to continue, although the downloads are still few.

I admit that my portfolio has some problems: the images had few tags and some image must be "adjusted" to make it more attractive to designers. These are works I'm doing and I'll continue to do in the next days, hoping to serve something!

The real problem in dreamstime, in fact, is not tags or how to make images (have you ever seen, searching for images in "download ascending", that there are many images much more beautiful than those with hundreds of download?) ... The real problem in Dreamstime is being found!

Being found is a matter of luck, no matter how to make pictures, what matters is making sure to be in the first pages when a designer is lokking for an image. For example, typing in "heart" in the search box, choosing only illustrations, appear more than 3000 pages of hearts! What is that designers who decides to run all 3000 pages to find what he/she needs? Have, therefore, an image too far away from the pages look by the designers, makes the image "not candidates to download" ...

This isn't a criticism of DT, it's clear, it's only a problem on which I have to work to solve it, assuming that there is a way to fix it (hmm .... oh well .... I search for one by one, I tallow you the hands, i'll eat them to a pitbull...yes there's a way to solve it! Joke .... or not?). :-)

Of course I accept suggestions in that regard. Indeed, it would be nice to compare us to understand :-)

If you want to do Meet me here!

See you soon, for now!

Soon, G.E.

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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March 08, 2010


I'm sorry to have been misunderstood by intention: I repeat that I'm not moving criticism to DT and the problem are something that since the beginning, I could be tied to the number and/or organization of my pictures!
Thanks for the advice, which I'm already applying in the reorganization of the illustrations. I don't know if it will serve, but I apply them the same....who knows?

Thanks again and if you have other suggestions write me :-)

March 07, 2010


yes again, as Rolmat advised,yes , i think it would be a good idea to double check to see if your keywords are irrelevant. that could help reduce the problem as you call it.
if too many times a buyer comes to your image by the wrong keyword, it could affect the buyer to ignore you the next time if too many times they pick on your image to see the wrong keywords. better to have less keywords but more relevant one than too many . also, balance your keywords with more literal ones than subjective or vague ones. best of luck to you again.

March 07, 2010


 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

Hi, I just gave a look at this illustration of yours. Now, there are some issues regarding relevancy as it definitely affects this image positioning in the database. Check your keywords: there are no egg, eggs, collection, party, set, icons, gift, shiny, purple, blue, gold (see, everything is green in the image!), english (the sample text is in French...), and many others that are very subjective or vague, i.e. maybe related to, but definitely not relevant to this particular illustration (surprise, beauty, etc). So, along with such a small portfolio, I wouldn't be that surprised about the positioning of this illustration on the search results. So, I guess this might be a "real" problem for you, and I would suggest that you give a closer check to your images keywords.
Hope it helps,

March 07, 2010


First: beautiful pics!! Anyhow, in my opinion it is this way with any job you start. If you were to get hired by a company, no matter where in that company you are hired, you will be at the bottom of seniority (below everyone else) until you have worked there awhile and earned a higher status. It is, also, difficult to get noticed unless you are working in a very small company. If you want to go anywhere in life, jobs, etc., then you have to work to get there. You have to find a way to get noticed. It may not happen right away, but if you really want to get to the top, then you will. "Where there's a will, there's a way." I may be new here, but I have learned that being at the bottom is not the end, and could very well be the beginning of something wonderful. Don't rely on search engines to get you noticed, use your beautiful creativity and find other ways. Besides-if everything in life was as easy as starting at the top, then life would be boring and we would have nothing to gain and everything to lose!! :)

March 07, 2010


Hi Tiziano,
it is a very competitive market so it's not a surprise that if you type heart you come up with a huge choice. DT has an excellent search engine and buyers can refine their search - I'm sure most buyers know the functions very well and use them. I'm not an expert, but looking very briefly at your keywords, I think that you could definitely improve your visibility by improving your keywords. I sent you some specific comments about that. You need to push the unique appeal of your pictures and make sure you use the spell checker as well. Then of course, and that's the hard part, you need to understand what buyers are looking for to buy and adjust your portfolio accordingly. Why some images sell and some don't is not very easy to understand to many of us contributors. Looking at the successful contributors helps of course... Wishing you good luck with that! Rozenn

March 07, 2010


Hi Maria, I understand you frustration I having the same problem, I'm with Tam510 you should carry on and, may be, one day, our images will be recognise. Although is going to be very difficult as always our pictures are hidden on the 100th page. The only way I ll find my ones is by the upload date.
Cednik i don't think is all about keywords here, I ll type the same keywords there on my pictures or even the titles and is not even near firsts pages

March 07, 2010


Thats not real problem, type in more atractive keywords and you will see better resoult.

March 07, 2010


to be fair to Dreamstime, the "problem" you pointed out is not something that occurs specifically with DT, that's the way it works with all stock sites.
as you increase in sales and experience, so will your ability to find the best keywords that will help you "move up" in the proirity of an image that is presented to the buyer.
of course, we all wish we would be placed on the first pages like the top sellers , but they started at the bottom like us too.
there is really nothing "sinister" about your images or mine being lost in the search and placed on the 10th, 100th or even 500th page.
we cannot all be number one. but hopefully with time, your images will be recognized as "more beautiful than those with hundreds of downloads" .
keep your chin up and just try to learn from the top sellers.
good luck .

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