Real Stock photography?

I am newbie on stock photography (just since October 2008) and I am a little bit lost on what people actually search on it.

Nowadays I have only (not bad, but…) 75 images on line and some of them have been taken before I was a “stocker” (I don’t know if this word exists). But the result that I see is that are more popular the “normal” images as the “shoot for stock” images.

For instance, here are some Glaciers images are very popular

and some images done thinking on stock are not so popular as I thougt.

The “market” is not logical, I know, but, what do you thing?

Photo credits: Antoni Vicens.

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Hi Antoni, I think that stock photography is much more oriented on business subjects and still life, because these kind of photography could be used to express in a clear way a concept or to isolate an object for post-production creative processes. Landscapes are very beautiful, but could have a minor potential in terms of marketing language. Nevertheless I believe that if one don't takes pictures for money, he should continue to photograph what he really likes. As a matter of facts the real satisfaction is the picture you have realized and the relative appreciation. So don't give up, and do it for fun!
Wish your best,


Stunning portfolio. Most of mine that sell are also landscapes etc that I took before I got involved in stock. I guess variety gets the sales!


YOUR PORTFOLIO LOOKS GREAT! Just keep doing what you love and have variety and quality and the images will sell. Your Galcier images are stunning. Good luck.

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