The Real Work

Being in the entertainment industry not as a photographer but an artist (in music), I meet people from various fields, when they come to me as my audience. Many times I have stumbled across the best photographers in the country and have had the chance to talk to them. Its not always that these photographers are glamour related photographers, they can be industrial photographers or even photo journalists. They also take workshops and run institutes of photography.

After meeting them more and studying them over a period of time, I realized that there was something that they lacked on a very big scale. It is the ability to generate much larger revenue than they are presently getting. They are so much absorbed in their work and a small world, that they are ignoring a lot of audience and clients that they can generate with a little bit of organization and discipline. True that these people are very creative and professionals in their work, but they are not good businessman. They cannot exploit their talent beyond the limits of their prejudiced vision about photography.

Let’s forget their prejudice about composition techniques or what they define as creative. Let us get to business point of view. Ask them about microstock and they know it as the conventional stock photography. They don’t know the difference between RF and RM stocks. If they do have an idea, they are exactly not sure of how it works. Explain them the concept and they are not ready to spend that time studying or uploading n’ editing images. Again I would understand this lack of interest in doing some data entry work. But there are ways.

e.g. I know a photographer who charges 15k a day (8- hour shift) for industrial shoots. He has hell lot of opportunities to click picture for his client as well as to boost his portfolio with some creative shots, which he does. He ends up clicking some 250 pictures in a day with his Hazzelblad and only 10 pictures from that shoot are actually presented to the company from which 2-3 are finally selected for an endorsement. What happens to the rest of the images? They are not necessarily having a recognizable face which might demand a model release, but might be a very creative photo which might still help him earn thousands of dollars. His problem is not having time from his shoots to do the uploading and editing job. The simple solution for this I would recommend is a data entry operator who can work for 5k a month and do the uploading job. I feel the photographer would earn 10 times what he pays to his employee to do his uploading chores.



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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