Realism Rules for the Best Toy Cars

Following your passion is usually the best for success in life, or at least for personal satisfaction. My passion is realistic diecast toy cars, although many of them are not so much toys but rather accurate scale models.

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As I search Dreamstime, I found a definite lack of images of accurate scale model miniature cars, so I took it upon myself to photograph some from my own collection. The result is an ever-increasing assortment of Dreamstime online photos as I submit example daily, and get more of them approved and on-line every day.

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I especially like those that are rarely seen in miniature. Concept cars, such as the Lincoln Navicross seen here, seem to be the rarest. As I find other rarely reproduced automotive miniatures, I buy them and add them to my collection... and to Dreamstime. I've started creating online collections through Dreamstime, initially of realistic toy fire trucks and vintage cars, but eventually will include other categories as well. See them at Toy Fire Trucks and Toy Vintage Cars.

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A report from about a decade ago reported that there are some 1.2 million collectors of diecast toy cars. I think that number has increased substantially since then, mostly due to the increasing popularity of Hot Wheels.

I consider myself lucky that my mother didn't give away, sell, or throw out my old Matchbox toys. I still have most of them from my youth, a distant 45 years ago, and add new models to the collection regularly.

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September 29, 2009


It appears that, while trademark logos must be removed from photos, mention of the brand of vehicle in the title and description are apparently acceptable.

May 28, 2009


I found a definite lack of images of accurate scale model miniature cars

No wonder.. Like Vanpinni wrote, cars that can be recognized gets refused on the property release issue. I had to accept a refusal of a toy car on a blank A4-page together with a pen (suggesting the concept of agreement/contract), i did not write the car make/brand or model since i do not even know or recognize the brand. I think this is right out silly, not that Dreamstime is silly, rather that American interpretation of the law has gone bezerk, putting a rather heavy hand over a lot of cultural development. I feel sorry for both Dreamstime, myself and other photographers and artist. Everyone is afraid and companies act on fear instead of visions. It is not a good development. Nightmares is not more true than other nice dreams, but the things we do based on fears differs very much from those based on visions.

On other places in the world (all of the western world is under the same international...

May 22, 2009


Hi I'm not sure this will get answered, but here goes:
I also have some diecast cars that I'm trying to get approved for DT, but am confused about how to use or not use the name of the car in the title or description. It's a Ferrari. One other stock site said that i would need a property releases since the name is trademarked, and the car is recognizable. Should I simply take the name off the info section and have only the car?

December 25, 2008


Great collection really! My dad is fond of small car models, he was delighted with yours

December 24, 2008


Great collection Dana.

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Photo credits: Dana Kenneth Johnson.