Realistic 3d rendering with new rendering software

Since I started to learn 3d graphics 12 years ago,my aim was always to represent my ideas on more realistic way.I sell my 3d models on 3d stock markets,so I needed something fast and very realistic,to see how my final 3d model will look like.

My aim was to work on freelance projects,and to invest in some kind of rendering software.This year I've got Simlab Composer 2014 animation version from my client I'm working for,and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the speed and realism of the software.During my 3d modeling work,I can export my WIP model and see how it will look like with different materials,different enviroments and I can rotate freely in real time,which is awesome.

With video tutorials for Simlab Composer it took me less then one week to learn everything about it.I can use hdri plates,skylight settings,but also I can create studio lighting with area light sources.

My client bought me 3d animation version,so I tried to made 3d animation too,which will be soon uploaded to this market.It took me 8 minutes per frame,so for final animation it took me more then 3 days.For this kind of work I need at least corei7 processor,and I was lucid enough to render it with corei3,but I'm very pleased with the result what is more important.Enjoy my works.

Photo credits: , Nikola Novak.

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June 24, 2014


You have made a wonderful job, the pc you have really stressed out, I really like Cinema 4d and Vray as render engine. I chose this software for their (relative) simplicity in the management of menus and functions!

P.S. My pc to make a written caught fire and disintegrated in 6 seconds has employed 7 hours!

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