Reasons for Buying A Light Tent.

If you plan on becoming a professional photographer then you have probably heard of the term light tent. But do you really need one? The answer to this question is a resounding yes if you plan on making any money from your photos. In this article, I will describe what a light tent is and cite three reasons why you should buy one.

Defining What A Light Tent Is -

A light tent is basically a cheaper alternative to studio lighting. Light tents filter the light, so that it is perfect for photos. These light tents come in different sizes, and they're especially useful for obtaining a pure white background.

This pure white background is also known as an isolated background. You can either buy a light tent from a store such as Amazon, or build your own light tent. If you choose to build your own light tent, you may save a few bucks. However, don't expect to save that much money. For more information on building your own light tent, click here.

Selling Your Photographs -

If you plan on selling your photos to stock agencies or microstock companies then having that pure white background is essential. I should note that the background does not always have to be white.

Sometimes you'll use a black, blue, red, or other solid color for your background. However, you'll still need a light tent no matter what the background color is.

Often, these different stock agencies will reject your images if you don't use some type of light tent or studio lighting. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, which is why these companies are so strict about it. The camera flash just will not cut it in the professional world of photography.

Your Ebay Wares -

You may not realize it, but having a light tent could potentially increase the chance that your eBay item will sell. After all, a good clear picture will help to alleviate any concerns the buyer might have about your advertised product. It also helps to make you look like a professional, even if you're not.

A Light Tent Saves You Time -

Your time is important to you, right? Well, a light tent will definitely save you some time. For instance, if you try selling your photos to stock agencies without a light tent then they will probably reject the majority of your images.

You will then have to re-shoot those images until you get the lighting right. And like I mentioned above, it's very difficult to achieve the perfect lighting setup without a light tent or a professional studio. So just build or buy a light tent and save yourself some time.

As you can see, a light tent is essential if you ever want to be taken seriously as a professional photographer. Without a light tent, you'll just be rejected again and again until you finally give up. So just construct your own light tent or purchase one. You'll be glad that you did.

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