Recharging batteries

In order to "function" at full capacity at work, at home or in any other activity that involves physical and/or psychical effort, most of the humans need to do something to "recharge their batteries". So, what is there to be done? A lot of things:


Man bed clock alarm

Power napping

Tired businesswoman napping in creative office

Couch surfing

Ginger kitten lying on the couch and watch napping


Fishing Grizzly bear


Barbecue grill

Hanging out with friends

Diverse People Friends Hanging Out Concept


Morning Meditation


Live concert


Camper Traveling


Boat whitewater rafting


Sailing to the sunrise




Young woman lead climbing in cave


Mountain Biking Adventure


Runner man athlete running on road Monument Valley

and so on.

Me, well, I have always loved to go out in the nature. For me, nature is the reason we are breathing, the reason we are alive. Nature gives a lot of sense to my life. And, when I've discovered the mountains and their surroundings, I fell in love instantly.

What I love to do in the mountain area? I love to hike their paths, to climb their rocks, to ride my bike on their trails, to smell their flowers, to camp in the tent or directly under the stars and to take a lot of photos. I love to do all those activities alone or with my friends, no matter if it's winter, spring, summer or autumn, if it's too hot outside or too cold, sunny, raining or snowing.

View of Malaiesti Chalet at night

There is no competition, no record to break, no peak to conquer. It is all about respecting the nature the way I respect myself, at least.

So what's really important to you in order to recharge your batteries?

Photo credits: Alexander Raths, Joao Estevao Andrade De Freitas, Anna Dudko, Christopher Meder, Martinmark, Marius Scarlat, Moldersstock, Natador, Photobac, Rawpixelimages, Tadasp, Tarragona, Steve Mann, Viktor Levi, Wavebreakmedia Ltd, Welcomia.

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For me it's concerts, travelling and walking in the nature.

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